About us

My name is Michael and I've been fascinated by language learning since early childhood.  Growing up in France and Spain, I'm a proficient speaker of these languages. I can also understand and read Portuguese and have a rudimentary knowledge of Arabic .

I've always believed languages to bring numerous benefits to the human experience. Not only the obvious, well documented ones - better job prospects, wider opportunities to meet other people and helping you to stay smarter for longer - all of these are true - but also in more subtle less visible ways.  Speaking another language helps you form your own opinions about cultures and people, away from the lazy stereotypes, so that you can really get to know French, Spanish or Arabic cultures through the most powerful tool of communication: language.

My teaching is focused on getting you to be a more confident communicator.  I do this by focusing on stripping away the tedious grammar-based approach, and getting stuck into how we can become better at listening to and speaking the target language.

Since 2011, myself and my team of Language trainers have taught in companies across Europe, delivering English, Spanish and French lessons to employees, tutoring individual adults and young learners in their homes or online (using Skype) to help with preparation for exams (GCSE, A-level, IELTS, CAE) or for professional or self-development purposes.

For further information, or if you have any questions, please get in touch, we'll be happy to help!

Michael Dewar